Seek and find… The Blessing Way

clouds with dove
Clouds with dove


Whenever I go through the door looking for poop

That’s what I find — the dogs have provided plenty.


Should I pass through seeking a rainbow

I may not find one, but I will enjoy the search,


finding little things not otherwise seen, like leaf buds swelling.

Through today’s door I was not looking for spring or its winds,


but they were waiting outside, howling and hissing through the big trees,

while collared doves rowed along beneath wavy clouds.


This wind pushed me through a different door,

the door of musing over how a life is well lived.


Words shared by a Diné (Navajo) elder, Wayne Wilson,

began to etch out a map, clear over clouds in the mind.


Teachings of the Blessing Way

Ha ahwiinit’i – Be generous and kind
K’ ezhnidzin –
Acknowledge and respect kinship and clanship
Hane’ zhdindzin –
Seek traditional knowledge and tradition
Hwil’ ili –
Respect values
Ada hozhdilzin –
Respect the sacred nature of the self
Hazaad baa ahojilya –
Having reverence and care of speech
Hazho’ o ajists’ aa’ –
Being a careful listener
Aheeh jinizin –
Being appreciative and thankful
Ha hozho –
Showing positive feelings towards others
Dloh hodichi ya’ atehigii hazho’ o bee yajlti –
Express appropriate and proper sense of humor
Adil jidli – Maintain a strong reverence of the self
Ha naanish ajil’ iinii bizhneedli –
Maintain enthusiasm and motivation for one’s work
Ha naanish baa haa jinizin –
Have respect and care for one’s work
Hanitsekees k’ ezdongo ajosin –
Having a balanced perspective and mind

Flowers yet to come, with spring

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