My MOE to Einstein’s TOE

This afternoon’s outdoor MOE session involved the passage of delicate, transient things in life, reasons for their indestructibility  despite their fragility — all accompanied by a duet performed by two dogs in a nearby yard.

If I had to guess I would suspect that neither dog had been “fixed”, that one was a male (who whimpered and whined to the chorus of yelps) while the other (the yelping singer) was the female.  Each chained in separate corners of the yard, of course.

Too few people fix their canine companions around here for reasons that sound almost religious when spelled out regarding the males.  “It’s what’s really HIM, how could I take that away?”  “It completes his nature.”

The reasons given about not spaying females are less lofty:  “Those vets, they charge too much!”

Mouring Cloak with rays
Mourning Cloak butterfly feeds under strong sun this afternoon, on plum blossoms as they drop petals like snow

So what is MOE, you might ask.  First cousin to TOE.  The Theory of Everything.  Musings On Everything..

Watching a glorious Mourning Cloak butterfly twirling, flitting, floating, twirling some more upon tiny plum flowers, brought back something I read last night which resonated with my own thoughts in the past — how we are stardust, ourselves and our surroundings for infinite light years. But it’s always the same particles making up the stardust, eternally.

Quantum entanglement means that the tiniest possible bits of us, particles, are both here, twinned, in us and millions of light years away in something else, a system in which what happens to one particle also happens to the other.  Simultaneously.


…[A] single primordial atom has had its great journeys through every stage of life, and in every stage it was endowed with a special and particular virtue or characteristic.  ….  All things are involved in all things.  … In every form of these infinite electrons [a phenomenon] has had its characteristics of perfection. …  Hence do you have the conservation of energy and the infinity of phenomena, the indestructibility of phenomena, changeless and immutable, because life cannot suffer annihilation but only change.

The apparent annihilation is this:  that the form, the outward image, goes through all these changes and transformations … [T]he elements, the indivisible elements which have gone into the composition of the flower are eternal and changeless.  ~Baha’i

This was written in the days of theory of quantum mechanics, when Max Planck and Albert Einstein both had wicked, wild heads of hair.

So the plum blossom petals raining down upon the good earth of New Mexico this

fallen plum petals.jpg
Petals drifting down

afternoon may be about to disappear, only to release their atoms and particles to morph into something else.  In time.

I wonder what is going on with any entangled particles of my plum blossoms with their “partners” in very distant galaxies?

On Earth, I loved every moment this large, richly colored butterfly spent a couple of feet from me and my iPhone camera, mining nectar from plum blossoms.


Mourning Cloak flies
Flying Mourning Cloak

Author: Rising Over the Smoke

Rising Over the Smoke is me looking for larger patterns, hidden meanings in what goes on all around us. The world gets more conflicted and confused from one year to the next, or so it seems. Some days life feels fresh, open, energized, connected, others more nuanced, confused, distanced, lethargic. To me writing is a way of exploring my place, and perhaps that of others. I am Baha’i, thus my thoughts are affected by my faith. Beliefs include independent investigation of truth, equality of men and women, the essential harmony between science and religion, that there is one God from whom all the world’s religions spring, that we diverse humans are all of one family. The Baha’i Faith is unlike other existing world religions as it does not claim to be the only “true” path or religion. The Baha’i Faith acknowledges all sacred traditions and religions as equal.

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