I learned about the idea of ahimsa from Dan in one of his yoga classes recently, the concept of non-violence toward all living things. Do no harm.  The events of this week have me thinkin…

Source: Ahimsa

In the wake of the recent election today I am becoming aware of the abrupt unleashing in the USA of previously held-back hatred and prejudice.

I cannot imagine the horror of finding the Ku Klux Klan leafletting my neighborhood, but it is happening in my friend’s part of Birmingham, Alabama.

However great the sorrow this causes me (and others), wallowing in the reaction is a waste of time and, in its way, as unhelpful as the swastikas, blackface, taunts, threats and physical harm now being leveled towards America’s minorities and vulnerable citizens.

There are many, many people of the opposite view taking quiet stands against this uncoiling hatred.  This morning I am uplifted by this post by my blogger friend Denise Gainey, who lives in Birmingham, and so I share it here.  Denise makes glorious music with her clarinet, traveling far and wide around the country and the world with it, sharing it with her students at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.  It is a language for all people, bringing us together in spirit.  This makes Denise — I think — a Warrior for Nonviolence Towards All Living Things (Ahimsa).

Check it out:  The View From Here

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