Sun shafts and plum blossoms

tight plum buds


Plum buds are swelling

as errant dove broods doomed eggs —

atop garage lights

dove on garage light nest



dove detail


Small man in b-i-g truck 

rolling by my place each day– 

pointing at the house…

House for sale


sun and thin cloud


sun shafts pierce dry air —

bees,  white butterflies work in

flowering plum trees

plum blossoms opening


Certain we are not

what happens the next hour, day…

what’s in motion now?

Author: Rising Over the Smoke

Rising Over the Smoke is me looking for larger patterns, hidden meanings in what goes on all around us. The world gets more conflicted and confused from one year to the next, or so it seems. Some days life feels fresh, open, energized, connected, others more nuanced, confused, distanced, lethargic. To me writing is a way of exploring my place, and perhaps that of others. I am Baha’i, thus my thoughts are affected by my faith. Beliefs include independent investigation of truth, equality of men and women, the essential harmony between science and religion, that there is one God from whom all the world’s religions spring, that we diverse humans are all of one family. The Baha’i Faith is unlike other existing world religions as it does not claim to be the only “true” path or religion. The Baha’i Faith acknowledges all sacred traditions and religions as equal.

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